Reflecting On 2022

Like somebody’s like pulling you away from the thing you’re doing, like it’s this constant like cycle of doubt and, and realizing that you need to like sort of taking even a further step back to learn something, you know? And the premise was this, it was a search engine where you would, you would type in the name of a song and it would search YouTube, It would come back with the song and it would basically play the video but not show you the video. He was like, oh my God; you have like my band, the high school band song. S. Robbin: Yeah, it turns out like nobody was really happy with you doing this sort of thing. Figuring out how to navigate the hiring process and then advocate for necessary accommodations at different institutions that handle staff accommodations in myriad ways is frustrating and time-consuming, این صفحه especially for someone doing this for the first time. Then change to the new directory. So I you know, was helping with that, then Aza said, you know, I’ve got this other side project I’ve been working on. However, there are key characteristics that differentiate “doing a project” from engaging in rigorous Project Based Learning. Similar arguments are standard defense of an assumptions standard economic theory, and it is clear that for limited purpose of the decision-making of businessmen, such simple if less accurate theories are much more useful than complicated and rather uncertain answers of the modern psychoanalytic psychology. So like, you know, we were like, are these like obscure songs? S. Robbin: People loved it, labels, YouTube hated it, It sort of exploded, you know, I think it was like 12 million page views a month. S. Robbin: We ended up selling it to a company in New York that ended up turning it into more of like a traditional radio station. Like it was, it was nuts. You know, we thought this was like, this is it, you know, like when do I, when do I like, you know, buy my yacht? The video would be like, you know, a thousand pixels off screen but you hear it, and it turns out like if you close your eyes and you don’t look at the videos, YouTube is like a great place to find music.


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